Nathan Padilla, Director of Athletic Standards

You could say that Nathan is a coaches coach.

He got into YMCA sports programs while he was still in high school and has spent the last twenty-five years directing sports programs at all community levels and in all size markets. He has directed and coached basketball, baseball, soccer and now roller sport.

Nathan began with the Topeka, Kansas, YMCA in 1996, and after getting his Bachelors Degree at Emporia State University while continuing his work at the Topeka YMCA, moved to the Metro Atlanta YMCA system in 2004. After joining the Atlanta Metro YMCA system, Nate acted as Sports Director in multiple locations until 2016.

During this period, between coaching and directing sports programs at various YMCA’s, Nathan and his wife Amanda, completed their studies and were both awarded a Masters in Health, Physical Education and Recreation from his old Alma Mater, Emporia State University.

With this Masters Degree, Nate was able to become an instructor at Kennesaw State University, in Kennesaw, Georgia and take his next step into professional coaching.

Currently, Nathan directs statewide marketing and management for one of the nations largest soccer coaching camps, helping Georgia soccer coaches at all levels build greater skill and professionalism. In parallel with these duties, Nathan has developed and led the Southern Soccer Academy for four seasons and has directed the North Atlanta Soccer Association for the last two.

At NimGuerra™, Nate will work with our rollersport coaches to build a strong rules based operational system that will allow the sport to develop the skill based aesthetics necessary for fan acceptance.