Getting Started

Starting something new takes work. And, starting something great takes the work of a Team. NimGuerra™ starts with the blast of a cannon and the roaring of a crowd. We’re on our way!

This week, I am starting a blogging regimen, while at the same time I am building a website to keep folks up to date on our progress. I have also set up the basics of an email contact system so anyone who wants to know more about NimGuerra™ can get on our newsletter list and find out what is going on as we grow. I will also be adding a series of emails explaining the concept of the sport and the opportunities for folks who get involved. My next step in this process is to select a good email campaign system that will work within this WordPress environment and allow us to stay in touch on a regular basis.

The most important thing I have added is the page listing the folks who have committed to working with us. You can find the listing of folks who have committed to the succes of NimGuerra™ on The Leadership Page. I’ve linked the bio’s for everyone, trying to point out where they will fit into the success of NimGuerra™.

Please hang with us as we add details, and get in touch directly through the Contact Page if you want to get involved.

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