NimGuerra™ Es Aqui!

NimGuerra™ is an exciting new patent pending professional and semi-professional sports concept featuring hard hitting action, with an intense new strategic scoring system demanded by an innovative method of play involving the simultaneous play of multiple balls in a high speed banked roller rink environment.

NimGuerra™ is a hybrid combining elements of Roller Derby, Native American Stickball, Lacrosse and WWE/MMA with scoring features of Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect Four, played in a “Round Robin” format similar to Jai Alai, with the short rounds designed for the short attention spans of today’s modern audience.

Independent NimGuerra™ club owners (similar to franchisees) utilize inexpensive, portable, arenas with their lower overhead requirements and reduced market entry risk which allow the sport to reach into underserved inner-city and smaller, rural, communities.

The lower overhead and portability of the NimGuerra™ venue results in a lower average match breakeven attendance than other professional sports, and at a projected ticket price of $25, as opposed to the model adopted by the major league sports of today requiring audience sizes in excess of 50,000 and ticket prices of over $100.

In addition, a corporate structure where NimGuerra™ acts as a “Sanctioning Body” is designed to insulate the company from major liability while providing over a dozen major streams of income, reducing reliance on a single stream. These streams of income include royalties on typical streams of income, such as media, ticket sales, merchandise sales and sponsorships, as well as newer type streams such as data sales to recently legalized sports betting oddsmakers, sales of patented rinks, and real estate revenue from “Performance and Training Centers.”

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